The Cheer Life

 Some people think that cheer is not a sport or that Cheer is cheering for basketball players or football players  but it´s not. Cheer is nothing like that, some cheer is yeah you are on the sidelines and saying cheers to the football or basketball players but that´s not the type of cheer I do. I do a type of cheer that you would call competitive cheer, you don´t cheer for anyone but yourself and you actually do Stunts and a bunch of tumbling. You go to competitions and perform and get judged, earn trophies, and become champions.  I cheer for 5 star Rock stars and we are a team and we do a sport. Do really enjoy something that other people put you down on or offend you by it?

     Lots of people also say Boys can´t do cheer. Like they decide what that kid wants to do with his life or how this kid is not normal. That´s not true at all, cheer is a both boy and girl sport, as long as your having fun you can do what you like to do.  I am on a CO ed team, that means you cheer with both girls and boys. I don´t know why people don´t think cheers a sport. People think Footballs a sport, we do basically the same thing they do except instead of throwing footballs we through girls, but we actually catch them. I know cheer is a sport and Boys can do cheer too and not just girls, weather you do or not.

Back to when I said that cheer is not just cheering on the sidelines for another team. Before you say cheer is not a sport you need to know all the pull body´s. Let me guess you don´t even know what a pull body is, let me give you a few examples Scorpion, heal stretch, or even a scale.  If you did not know that then you cant say cheer is not a sport or if you did not know what a back tuck, back handspring, back walkover, or even a to do all those at the same time which you would call a full. Cheer is a hard and competitive sport from all around the world. That is what Cheer is all about. What do you think cheer is if you enjoy it or another sport/ activity you enjoy?

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Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving

3 Holidays I really enjoy are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween. These 3 holidays are very close together in dates. I´m first going to talk about Christmas, Christmas is always on the same date every year, December 25. On this day people open up presents and enjoy hanging out with their families, but on Christmas is not really when this wonderful holiday begins lots of people weeks before get ready for this holiday and decorate there houses with a bunch of lights, and kids believe in a person called Santa Claus and they believe that he goes in your house and gives you presents. Many people enjoy this holiday because its a good way to spend time with your family and get into the Christmas spirit.

My 2nd favorite holiday is Halloween, Halloween is when kids dress up like anything they want, such as their favorite movie characters or people they see on TV. These kids go to door to door and ask for candy from the adults, now this is not the only thing everyone loves about Halloween, people really get in the spirit when people go to the movies and watch scary Movies, people go into haunted houses , and in this holiday people are scaring people or getting scared. People like to watch witch movies, vampire movies, and mythical creatures people made up years ago. That´s one of the things people like to dress up as on Halloween also. They like to dress up as monsters and more, Kids enjoy getting to dress up and get candy and the people enjoy spending time together and mostly everyone has a good time on this holiday.

Finally my 3rd favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is when people gather together and have a big feast. They are celebrating when the pilgrims and the Native Americans had their ¨First Thanksgiving¨ and ate together in the year 1621. People gather together on the 4th Thursday every November and they are known to eat a big feast usually eating foods like Turkey, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, and for desert Pumpkin Pie. Thanksgiving is not just about eating, it´s also about spending time with your family and usually during this holiday everyone has a great time.

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My Big Idea

I am doing a project called the 20% project. We are going to be advertising dogs, and when I mean ¨we¨, I mean my partners MaryVawn, and Matty. I get what you´re saying. I thought “advertising dogs, that´s boring” But, my teacher made me realize that it´s so much more than that. We are going to help dogs that don´t have a home or anyone to love them. We will be making videos, taking pictures, and giving out information about the dogs. We would be showing people how good of dogs they are, and how it´s not so hard to take care of them. Have you ever asked your mom for a dog, and she said no cause it´s too much work and when you say you would take care of it, she never believes you. Well when she watches one of our videos or reads are information she might get a second  opinion.

We have decided to this project because we realized that only about 1/10 of dogs actually find a good home. So we want to try to prevent that, We are working for the SAAP company, SAAP stands for Stray Animal Adoption Program. We will be making videos hopefully around every month, and putting it on their website. This would help people get a second opinion about adopting, showing off all the cool tricks the dogs can do , and showing people how adorable these animals really are. If you have any more questions about my project you can comment on my blog or

See my Visual Aide for more information on my project.

How Education Changed

Over the past 100 years Education has changed so much. The ways of teaching these kids today is totally different then from back then. We have chrome books, Projectors,  and even new learning methods.  I asked my Grandfather how school was for him and he said ” We had no computers to work or type with, and we would always have to hand write everything” and if you think about it, We don’t have to do any of that. Well ya maybe once a while in language arts or something but, we don’t really do it that often. We don’t on a normal schedule at least. We use google chrome for everything, and if you think about it, I’m typing on the computer. It’s what I normally do actually. I’m doing my homework (which is this) right now on the computer.

100 years back they didn’t have half the education we do today. This doesn’t mean you are smarter than you ans-esters. What I’m trying to say is education is so important. We need it for everything we do in life, and I found a quote that represents what I’m trying to say and it goes a little something like this “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” education is so important, and you should be so thankful we have more resources to make learning fun than 100 years ago.



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Friendship isn’t about whom you’ve known the longest it about who came and never left your side -Unknown          Some people wonder why friendship is so important. Now let me tell you something. Without my best friends I would

Image result for friendship picsbe no where in life. They have helped me through my ups and downs. When I cried they cried with me. When I had drama they made it their  problem too, so I didn’t go through it alone. They made me smile when I needed too, and made me laugh when I had too.                                                          friendship pic  ————

My friends make sure I don’t do anything alone. Yes they sometimes tease me and make fun of me, but the point in friendship is when you insult your best friend and then they insult you worse to where you want to cry, but your just supposed to laugh about it and stick together. Your friend should always be there for you, and Never change who you want to be. Friendship is supposed to be one of the main things in life. It supposed to be even better than love but, the love that sprouts in that friendship is the thing that counts the most.

Friendship is so important, without a friend you would have no one to talk too, No one to hang out with, and most importantly no one to stick up for you. I’ve heard this quote and it basically explains a little bit why friendship is so important, and I want to share it with you guys. ” Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learn the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.:” -Mohammad Ali. The definition of friendship is ‘one who listens, doesn’t judge, and somehow makes everything all right. This exactly why you need a friend, and why friendship is so important.





A story must be told one way or another

Activity 1: One time ago their was a boy on Halloween night. He was trick or treating as a vampire. When he stumped upon a large house like the one in the picture. As he was about to ring the door bell he heard a strange noise. Something like a groan or a yell of anger. When he looked up he saw a strange bat hanging from above him. Then he didn’t mean to, but in such fright he screamed. When he did the bat shook and jumped out of place. Then all of a sudden a bunch of black smoke erupted, and a vampire awoke. Hey boy are you making fun of me. Oh no sir the boy said with fear. Well then why are you dressing like me. Well sir it’s Halloween night and I’m dressed as a vampire. So you are making fun of me do you know how much trouble you’ll be in. I’ll make you regret what you did I’ll stir you into stew, I’ll suck your blood I’ll make you pay for what you have done.

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Activity 2:

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What’s so bad about Plagiarizing?

Activity 1: some people wonder why Plagiarizing is so bad. Well think about this way, you are a artist and you make this beautiful picture and you so proud of you art. Well then someone comes in your house and takes your lovely painting and posts it on the internet. That might not sound too bad for you,but picture this. Then they get a bunch of money for it and become famous because everyone loves it. Wouldn’t you be mad because it wasn’t even theirs in the first place,but even then they are getting all the credit. Now in a way that’s kind of like Plagiarizing. Except instead of a painting, it’s a picture, video, or even song on the internet, but if you don’t give them credit you could go to jail or if your in collage you could get kicked out or in really big trouble . This is because its considered stealing. Like in the example I showed you. Would you consider that stealing. I would! So when you use a picture from Google or a website you must put the link of the site to give them credit, and so people don’t think it’s your, like if you look at activity 2 I put a link of where I got my picture so when you click on it you see where I got it from. now lets talk about  licenses. You might be asking what are licenses. Well lets say you download an app, mostly this happens on social media. Lets say you download this app and there is a box that says a whole bunch of words and at the bottom it says” Allow or don’t Allow” Most people just hit allow and don’t even read it. Well in that box it asks for permission. Well what permission? Permission to ask you to access your camera roll or say that if you post a picture somebody could screenshot it and have it in their camera roll. I’m saying someone could end up with your picture, and they are asking if that’s ok. Something like that, so your might be thinking how are Plagiarizing and  licenses similar. These words Licenses and Plagiarizing are very similar this is because, well it would be called Plagiarizing if it didn’t ask you those questions and say your scrolling through you favorite app and you see a picture you really like so you screenshot it and repost it on your page, but you didn’t read the licenses and you don’t have permission or a link. That would be call Plagiarizing. Which you could get in a lot of trouble for.


Activity 2:

The Pumpkin is glowing as bright as the sun

In the dark, scary night the moon shines like a star

The trees are, so tall they reach the sky

As I walk up the hill the night seems to get darker and darker


The trees are blowing from the breeze

The fog is spreading faster than lightning

The house doesn’t seem to scary until you go up

Just don’t go in or who knows what will happen next


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My Avatar

I decided I wanted to make my Avatar to have brown hair and a pink and black shirt. Mostly because I love the colors black and pink and that’s mostly what I like to wear. I also chose her to have brown hair because I have brown hair and I wanted it to look exactly like me that’s the same reason I made my avatar have brown eyes because its like I’m looking in the mirror. This represents me because its true to me  I feel passionate about my avatar because I think Its very pretty and I love the background that’s why my avatar represents me.

Face your Manga

My Passion

My Passion is soccer. One of the reasons why I love soccer so much because its not just a sport. Your not just joining a game. Your joining a team. When you make a team you meet new friends, and some of the new friends you meet will be the greatest friends you’ll never forget, and when you loose its fine because you don’t just loose you loose as a team and you get over it as a team. Another reason why soccer is Amazing is because you can put yourself out there and learn to express yourself.

There are so many positions you can play such as Wing Middle Defense and if you don’t like using your feet you can even be a goalie which involves you only really needing to use your hands. My personal favorite position is Middle which means your all over the field and you have to run a lot, but I love running and when your in the middle you have a greater chance of scoring goals. I’ve been playing middle since when I was in Kindergarten. I played for a team called the sworn and I also played for Sports of all Sports then I played for NKSA for about almost 3 years. My favorite team was definitely  NKSA because I met one of the most amazing girls there and she still is like my best friend. This is my experience with soccer and this is why I love it so much.  Carshalton Athletic 4 Lewes 3 15 04 2017-8902.jpgCreative Commons License James Boyes via Compfight